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Resolution Management Conferences

After Discovery-    After your initial filings and while you are conducting your discovery and disclosures, you will be set for prehearing conferences. Prehearing conferences, for the purposes of this section, are any court ordered judicial or quasi-judicial Proceedings before your final evidentiary hearing or trial. Their purpose is to determine the outstanding issues, lock […]

Divorce D-I-Y

Access Legal: Divorce D-I-Y What’s the new Access Legal Membership I have been hearing about? There are more than 100,000 people in Maricopa county alone representing themselves every single year. We want to help them all, and we need your feedback to build a better resource for self-representing litigants. SO…what’s the membership option? Unlimited documents […]

4 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Divorce Attorney

Reduce the Cost of Your Divorce Attorney There are some people who should not represent themselves. This could be because the issues of their family law cases are very complex, and there is so much to be lost or gained. If you are one of these people or you have already retained an attorney to represent you, there […]

3 Ways to Save Money During Your Divorce

3 Ways to Save Money During Your Divorce Divorce is expensive. There is absolutely no way around it. Between the court fees, process servers, legal fees and paralegal/document costs, the average divorce costs $20,000. But there is hope. With proper planning and preparation, there are ways you can save money during your divorce. Follow these steps […]

We Want You! Access Legal is Hiring

We Want You! Job Title: Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer Access Legal is a legal software company dedicated to increasing access to justice for self represented litigants in Maricopa County. Access Legal is a certified legal document preparation entity and is looking for a licensed CDLP who is interested in working in a fast paced, […]