You can DIY your Arizona Divorce with Access Legal Membership

Divorce D-I-Y

Access Legal: Divorce D-I-Y

What’s the new Access Legal Membership I have been hearing about?

There are more than 100,000 people in Maricopa county alone representing themselves every single year. We want to help them all, and we need your feedback to build a better resource for self-representing litigants.

  • SO…what’s the membership option?
    • Unlimited documents
    • Unlimited support from a certified paralegal
    • One low fee of $199 per month.

This is a trial, so you cannot find this option via the website. Contact us directly for the opportunity to try the membership.

Access Legal is a company that grew out of Modern Law specifically to help those people who couldn’t afford an attorney or who were representing themselves in court. This is a “do it yourself” resource, but you can do everything by yourself that you normally would have an attorney to do. Access Legal is a legal doc prep company that comes with resources, documents, support and step by step instructions.

What can I accomplish with Access Legal?

You can do everything you want to do without hiring an attorney to negotiate for you and appear for you in court. You can use Access Legal to negotiate and litigate property division, spousal support, child custody, and child support. You can use it to have your divorce granted by the court. You have the legal right to do all of this yourself without hiring an attorney.

How much does Access Legal cost?

There are a couple of options: the option available to the public right now, allows you to pay for the documents that you need. Most documents are around $100. However, we are running a membership experiment that I can offer you.

If you would like to be a member, the cost is $199/ month and it includes unlimited documents and unlimited support from a certified legal document preparer. I can send you a list of available documents atm

 Access Legal can create documents statewide.

Many resources are free. Documents are all around $100 and come with a free review and consultation with a certified legal document preparer. This is a local paralegal who knows the law and the procedures associated with Maricopa and Pinal county family law cases.

Instead of paying expensive lawyers to plug your financial information into forms, you do it yourself. Instead of paying legal staff to run documents to the courthouse or to your spouse, you do it. We provide the education, forms, and advice and you do the rest. You draft and edit your own documents, negotiate your own deal, and feel the pride and control of knowing you didn’t turn it over to someone who leaves you out of the decision-­‐making process. When it’s over, you can be satisfied and proud that you achieved your divorce resolution at a fraction of the price.

What’s the difference between Modern Law and Access Legal?

A CDLP can give you legal information but not advice. A CDLP cannot represent you in court, negotiate on your behalf or prepare or give “legal opinions.” They can tell you about procedures, what the law says, their personal experience or the experiences of others. They can also advise you when they believe you need the advice of an attorney.

What do I get when I use Access Legal?

  • Divorce and family law documents.
  • Webinars and E-books on representing yourself.
  • You tube instructional videos
  • Articles

Can I really get a divorce without a lawyer?

Many people do. 80% of all divorces are completed without a lawyer. We don’t make any promises other than to answer all your questions, give you the documents you need, and educate you to the best of our ability.

Is Access Legal the right approach for me? Maybe, maybe not, it all depends on you.

  • Are you willing to consider an alternative to the traditional lawyer/client relationship?
  • Are you willing to take on more of the work yourself?
  • Do you have what it takes to manage decisions about your property, children and finances?
  • Can you rise above emotions, make good decisions, and guide yourself to a positive outcome?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, and if you’re willing to do the leg work, edit some basic documents, and negotiate with your spouse, then, yes, the Access Legal system will work for you.

Access Legal is not the solution for everyone. You may need someone to guide you, step-­‐by-­‐step, through the divorce process. Your situation may be complex. Your spouse may be abusive or uncooperative. In those cases, you’re better off having an attorney take control of your case and drive it to conclusion.