What is a Current Employer Information Form?

This document is submitted to the Court in cases when support is an issue.  This allows the Court to have information regarding the paying party’s employment so that they can notify the employer that the party’s pay checks need to be garnished pursuant to a Court Order.  One is to be completed at the time you ask the Court to enter a support order and when the paying party’s employment changed.  The paying party is obligated to update their information; however, that does not always happen.  If you discover that the paying party does have new employment and can obtain the information, you may submit this to the Court yourself.  This form can also be used when the support obligation has terminated and the Court has to let the party’s employer know that they no longer need to garnish that person’s wages.

What is Needed to Complete this Form?

  • Your Family Court Case Number
  • Your ATLAS Number if you know it
  • Name of paying party
  • Paying party’s employer name
  • Payroll address, phone number, and fax number (Email is also helpful if you can locate an email for the appropriate payroll person.)

This document is submitted to the Clerk. No copies of this form are needed.  The Clerk will keep the form when you submit any other documents with it so that they can set up the account they use and issue a withholding order to send to the party’s employer.

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