What is a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage With Children?

A Decree of Dissolution of Marriage With Children will result in your actual divorce.

If you don’t have children, get information about a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage Without Children.

The Decree is the document that sets the terms of your divorce, along with any other documents that are attached, merged or incorporated. For many cases times, the Decree will be filed along with a property settlement agreement, rule 69 agreement or marital settlement agreement; or the Decree itself may include all of the substance for the property division. Your Decree may be attached to a separate parenting plan and child support worksheet.

The language in your the proposed Decree you’re submitting is very important, since this will be used for all future modifications or enforcement issues. It is likely that you and your ex will have to live with the terms of the decree for years to come. Property division and other specific aspects of the Decree can never be modified. Other items, like child support or a parenting plan, are almost always modifiable, but will require a waiting period or change in circumstances.

Errors in your Decree of Dissolution can affect you and your family for years. In your Access Legal account, you’ll easily create the document you need using a step-by-step worksheet, and if you have questions, our certified document preparer is there to help you. Sign up for your free Access Legal account today.

What Do I Need to Know?

You must provide a Decree of Dissolution to the Judge when you are asking for a default, and it must exactly match what you requested in the Petition. If the judge finds the document acceptable and it matches the Petition, he or she will sign it, granting you a divorce. The Decree must be very thorough and include all items of importance, such as:

  • Community property and debt
  • Separate property and debt
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Name change
  • A Parenting Plan
  • Child Support Order
  • Child support calculator*
  • And more

*Child Support Calculator

In order to calculate child support, you will need:

  • Pay stubs
  • Tax returns
  • Parenting Plan
  • Health insurance costs
  • Child care costs

Be prepared to show documentation of the above costs, or better yet, have a completed affidavit of financial information that has been filed with the court.

Get What You Need

The language in your Decree, and any attached paperwork, will dictate elements of your life, possibly for years to come. Sign up for your free Access Legal account to make the professional quality legal documents you need to win your case and get the successful outcome you deserve.